Huntington Beach CA Annika Logart, DDS
Huntington Beach CA Annika Logart, DDS

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In times past, damaged or discolored teeth might have been considered a lost cause, and a smile may have been marred forever. Today, cosmetic dentists offer patients a wide range of options for improving and enhancing their teeth and gums.

Dr. Annika Logart, D.D.S., is proud to be a leading dentist in Huntington Beach and the surrounding area. Originally from Sweden, she has been practicing in the United States since the 1970s, and loves to support her patients in all aspects of their dental and oral health.

One of the methods of dental improvement Dr. Logart offers is veneers. This relatively simple approach involves putting a thin layer of material over an existing tooth to brighten its appearance and protect it from further damage. In addition to enhancing the teeth themselves, veneers can serve to fill in gaps between teeth and create a look of straighter, healthier teeth overall. This procedure is comfortable to sit through and preserves a natural look for your smile.

Going beyond veneers, Dr. Logart will be happy to discuss options such as whitening, implants, bonding and periodontal maintenance with you. She considers every smile a masterpiece, and will always treat you with gentle care and respect.

Keeping your smile naturally healthy and beautiful is always our goal. When routine care just isn't enough, trust Dr. Logart and her staff to provide you with the dental services that will help you have the smile that makes you feel happy, confident and attractive. Whether you need veneers or a full makeover, call Dr. Logart for the ultimate in professional dentistry.

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